Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Move

We have officially crossed over that imaginary line, the one that delineates being able to put Owen down and knowing he will be right where you left him versus putting him down and being amazed at how much he can do, find, get into in 2.75 seconds. His curiosity seems to exponentially expand each day, finding new ways to reach things, opening doors to see what’s behind them, seeing how fast he can crawl to Quincy’s water dish before being chased. And with this new movement has come new ways of expressing himself--squealing when he gets excited, making a face with an “o” on his lips when he is surprised or interested, giggling with delight when I chase behind him for the 11th time on the way to the water dish. 

He waves at everything--hello picture, hello tree, hello car. And while it looks like a wave, I think he’s just wanting to see, touch, explore whatever new thing has just caught his eye. He reaches his chubby little arm out, sweet palm open, then wiggles his fingers. And if he’s on the ground, he’s now able to, most of the time, get to things he’s interested in and goes to them as fast as his little legs and arms will carry him. No hesitation, no second guessing, no worries… just pure joy and curiosity in his world. 

Oh how it boggles my mind that he is 9 months old, and in a flash, I know he will be a year, then another. I can feel my heels digging into the ground a bit, wanting to hold on, grasp him tightly, and keep his soft, sweet smelling little body close to mine. If I’ve learned anything, and truly, I’ve learned everything this year, I know that things just keep getting better and better. So, I crawl along side him, learning from his fervent curiosity to see, to know, to grow in this world.

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  1. What a DOLL!!!! And I completely understand that impulse to hold on for dear life...I guess my biggest lesson of motherhood this year has been letting go...ugh, it's so hard!!!