Monday, July 30, 2012


I really love exploring and trying new things. And really, the “new thing” doesn’t have to be anything major. A hop over to the coffee shop to check out their new dessert is an event in my book. And now, I have this sweet little companion who makes even daily adventures so much fun. A trip to the grocery store is so much better with him in the cart. Walks around the neighborhood take on added excitement as I narrate our walk to him. And let’s be honest, even vacuuming can be an adventure as I try to keep one eye on Owen, making sure he doesn’t get too tangled in the cord he’s loving to play with. 

We recently discovered this little farm that has fields and fields of zinnias. As you drive behind the mall (yes, the mall!), you wind along these sweet back roads, and suddenly there is a multi-color ocean of flowers alongside you. As we went home one day, we saw a little, handmade sign that said, “Pick your own zinnias”. Yes, please, don’t mind if I do. 

So, Owen and I had headed out to the farm. We got there smack in the middle of the day, and were sweating even before we walked to the fields. Not ideal for my fair skinned little adventurer, especially since he was happy to keep trying to take his hat off. We took the advice of a nice gentleman who recommended we try one of the far off fields for bigger blooms. Boy was he right--some zinnias as big as Owen’s face! Row upon row of these glowing, multi-colored beauties, just begging to be picked. 

I plopped Owen down in the grass and proceeded to take a few hundred pictures of him. Then, he chilled in a small zinnia shaded spot while I cut our bounty in flowers. I probably could have stayed there all day, just loading up the car with these happy little (and big) flowers. Instead, we came home with a bag full of blooms to spread around our house and share with friends, and definitely will be heading there again for another adventure soon.  


  1. GORGEOUS!!! Did you set the timer on the camera and take one of you and Owen? :)

  2. Oh-I need to do more of that! I'm not in very many pictures!